South Pole Steve

Tour de Madison B-cycle

In Madison, we are fortunate to have a nice bicycle sharing system called Madison B-cycle. B-cycle is perfect for short trips and the occasional commute. Being located all over the city, I used B-cycles frequently last summer. In this month’s newsletter to members, the Madison B-cycle staffed proposed a challenge - bike all 32 stations in 24 hours. The prize? A Madison B-Cycle t-shirt. How could I say no?

I recruited my buddy Will to go with me and we planned our trip for a breezy 40 degree day. I even used the B-Cycle API to write a program that would optimize our route (look for another post on this later). We split the trip into 3 stages. Stage 1 started at 7AM on the corner of W. Washington and Regent and took us to 17 stations west of the capitol. Stage 2 was a quick loop of the capitol stations, which we completed over lunch. After work, we completed the final stage taking us to all the east side stations. Total time and distance: roughly 3 hours 30 minutes and just over 20 miles.

Overall, the experience was quite awesome and fun!. Tour de Bcycle gave us the opportunity to see Madison in an entirely new way. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested. A 24-hour pass is only $5, so you don’t even need to be an annual member.

The GPS I had with me was acting up, but you can see our incomplete route on runkeeper. I also brought my DSLR along and put together a short video documenting the trip: